How to give tantric massage – some great tips



To tell you about the tantric massage in full details, we should write a book about it. The theory about this very sensual type of massage is very voluminous, and still there is lots of literature you are free to buy everywhere. Now in this article we would like to tell you more concretely about how to give the tantric massage to your partner, and what to do during it.

The basics you have to know about the energies

One of the main types of energy during the tantric massage is the sexual one. It may be demonstrated as sex, one of the natural instincts, passion, that is higher than regular sex, but still basing on it. Then there is amorousness or „blossoming“, when a human being reveals his hidden powers. The transformation is above everything – you may rule your energy by yourself and thus getting to know yourself more. Frankly, this is what tantric is all about, but only if you prepare yourselves wisely –on the inside and the outside.

Outer preparation for the tantric massage

The preparation is needed mostly for the desired atmosphere. Which means, you have to organize the tantric massage ritual properly and make everything comfortable and without stress. First, take care of the comfortable temperature in the room where the massage will take place, and make candles the only light that will be in that room. Don’t forget about the essential oils, but do not use too mawkish aromas – the scent must be slightly perceptible. Second, nothing must distract you from the massage – so it’s strongly recommended to switch off your mobile phones and tell your friends or colleagues not to call you because you have something important. No sounds from the “outer space” (not only ringing cellular) shall distract you. Third, thoroughly prepare the place for your massage – we recommend you to do it on the floor on a thick blanket. Check the place, it doesn’t have to be neither too hard nor too soft, and your partner has to be comfortable with it. Fourth, choose the right music – do not use instrumental, vocals are good. The sound must be smooth and quiet, you have to feel just the rhythm. Many of you may choose the special Indian tantric music collections, which may be a right choice, but better ask your partner about it, if he/she will be comfortable with it. And finally – don’t forget about the massage oil! It has to be runny and have a correct temperature, so better put the flask with it into a bowl or jug with warm water.

Inner preparation is the most important in tantric

The inner preparation is essential, and we cannot say, what is more important – to make the massage place right or to be in the right mood. We may say, everything is connected: if you don’t feel yourself prepared before it, you won’t make the correct arrangement. If you feel it right, so concentrate on the following:

  • Beforeyoubegin, trytofeeleachother’srhythm. The man has to place his palms near the woman’s heart, and inhale while she exhales. Concentrate on the breath until you feel you are one.
  • For the maximum closeness, your eyesights have to be very close to each other. Feel the connection between them, it’s the first step between the exchange of energies. If you feel the urgent need to touch – you’re doing everything right.
  • Self-control. Rule your sexual tension, and don’t do sex during the massage – if you feel your partner’s strong excitation, leave the stimulation of erogenous zones and make easier touches.

We’d like to notice, that Individual experiences may vary. In case you’re unsure or afraid of doing the things right, you may get a full tantric massage by yourself and experience it in full.